Pledges and Rewards

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Pledges and Rewards

Post by Selezen » Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:32 pm

To kick this off, a quick recap of the common questions I've been asked so far about the pledges and rewards.

Like most Kickstarter campaigns, the pledge level and the reward level are separate things. Make sure you pick the correct entry for both when you pledge.

If a reward is limited in number, the general rule is that it's not included in a higher reward level. It will, however, include anything that is at a lower reward level unless that item is also a limited number reward. I've tried to make sure than any limited number items include a note saying that it won't be included in higher level rewards.

I'm still working on other pledges, including some actual, physical stuff.

If you have any questions or other issues about pledges and rewards then please raise them here.

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