Summary of Questions from the Kickstarter

Any questions you have about the game, the funding or the author (me) should be posted here.
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Summary of Questions from the Kickstarter

Post by Selezen » Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:38 pm

A few questions have already been asked and answered on the Kickstarter, so I'll reiterate them here.

The game system will be a new one started from scratch and will be D6 based. It will be customised to hopefully slot into the Elite Dangerous game mechanics. If that turns out not to be possible then there is a possibility it may be changed to the Open D6 system (although I'd prefer not to do that).

Are you going to post more detail about the system?
I will post as much about it as I am able, as the true development of the system will only begin after the project is funded. At the moment most of the concepts are work-in-progress and, although this may give cause for concern, are mostly scribbled notes in an A4 pad, although they are based on over 20 years of roleplaying and tabletop gaming involvement as gamesmaster, player and sometime designer. I will be approaching this project the same way I approach software development projects, with investigation, development and refinement being carried out before entering a public "beta" if you like. As the campaign progresses, and especially if the base target is reached, I will start serious work on documenting the system and some of that will be posted here or on the official website and forum.

How rules heavy will it be?
Not very - I prefer a roleplay experience to be as flowing as possible. I prefer to allow the players to roleplay through a scenario rather than roll dice all the time and the rules will reflect that - the GM will hopefully be able to read a character's ability to perform an action from his ability scores and experience alone in many scenarios. The personal combat and ship combat situations will be probably the most rules heavy like most games.

If you've looked at the card modelling stuff you'll note a focus on "simple" gaming that everyone can enjoy - I'll be using the same principles for this game but will be making sure it covers as wide a range of scenarios and situations in-game that I can think of.

Will it be similar to anything else on the market?
I would hope not, although with the amount of systems out there there are bound to be similarities. I'm not aiming to make something that is unique in every way, just something that's fun to play with friends and does justice to the community elements of Elite.

What will it do better than other SF RPGs like Traveller, Diaspora, Bulldogs, Star Without Number, etc?
I have no idea. I'm not in the game of comparing my system to every other one on the market. I want to create a game system that I would have fun playing, which is the first benchmark of any system - if the designer doesn't enjoy it then why would anyone else? I'm not a big fan of wasting my time or wasting the money of those generous and confident enough in me to pledge. Again, the Game Development pledge level will allow me to open the design process to pledgers and allow the system to be more than the product of just one man with a raging ego!

What is it about the game that will set it apart from just using Elite setting information and adapting any of the above games?
The only answer I can realistically give without having a crystal ball is that everything is unique and that whatever I bring to the game system will be based on the experience and time I've spend around Elite and its community as well as the aforementioned RPG experience. The system I develop will be based on my experiences with a variety of systems but will not intentionally borrow from any of them. If I didn't want to do something special or didn't have the confidence in myself to do this then I would just use an Open D6 modification and slap an Elite logo on the front of it then give it away for free. The system will tie into the background and technical information about Elite: Dangerous in as many ways as it can in the same way that my original attempt at an Elite RPG did. For example, ship combat made use of energy levels and shield generators to track damage rather than hull points. If and when Frontier make information about the proposed ability to get out of the ship and wander around the universe, then that will provide a lot of potential crossover, and the license will permit that to be included in the game (I hope). For example, would it not be great to have your RPG character imported into Elite: Dangerous? If there's any way for that to happen, then (Frontier willing) it will be in the RPG system.

In what form will the book be published?
The book will be published as an eBook primarily, but stretch goals can be added for printing, as can pledge rewards for Print on Demand printing. I am looking into both options as well as several options for formatting.

What format will the miniatures take?
Miniatures are small-scale card models (roughly 25mm scale) and will be provided as electronic files to be printed onto card for the buyer. 3D printed or sculpted miniatures would be the subject of a whole new licensing deal with FD so are unlikely at this stage. More information will be revealed about the minis in a future update.

Feel free to ask more questions or point out something I've forgotten to mention in this post. :-)


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