A question about starship combat

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A question about starship combat

Post by Balfuset790 » Tue Mar 17, 2015 12:19 pm

Hi there, I've been casually following the development of this game for a while now since I heard that someone had had the - frankly ingenious - idea to use one of the KS rewards for Elite: Dangerous to make an RPG in the setting.

Having looked through some of the detail on the site I note that you mention using a mini's system for starship combat. Now, I can see that this would be a useful visual aid, especially when you take Newtonian flight physics into account, vectors and so on, but my question is as follows.

Are miniatures, provided or otherwise, going to be REQUIRED for starship combat? Or are you going to provide rules that can be used with or without the miniatures? I ask because, personally, I prefer the slightly more 'mind's eye' approach to such things without needing to worry about things like distances as more than an abstract range bracket.

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Re: A question about starship combat

Post by Selezen » Thu Mar 19, 2015 12:24 pm

Hi there, Balfuset and thanks for your query.

Worry ye not! The rules cater for narrative combat as well as miniatures combat. Nearly all aspects of the system are designed to be flexible to allow for as many methods of play as can be catered for. The main focus of the rules is to allow narrative combat, both ship-ship and personal, that can be carried out using just some basic stats and some dice. And a pen and some paper.

Interestingly, the starship combat (specifically the damage model) is the system that has been the focus of the most work over the last few months. A couple of days ago I finally managed to crack a system that will make the combat much less complex than it was before (and allow for a sliding scale of complexity depending on the group's level of experience playing the game) whilst still retaining elements of Elite Dangerous gameplay. The same system is being retroactively used for the personal combat system, since the concept works just as well there too, and means that there's no need to learn or remember two different combat/damage systems.

I'm hoping the new system should be ready for play at Lavecon in July, so if you'll be there you'll see it in action. Other that of keep an ear out for the next installment of Lave Radio's RPG session or the increasingly inaccurately named 30th Anniversary RPG sessions with OneVigor et al. Any live sessions I run from now on will use the new system once I have it committed to paper.

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