London Baby!

Mon, 29 August 2011

Well, here I am in London. All on my own in a big room with three beds.

Balfour Beatty decided to send me on a course. Yes, after 15 years of programming (10 of which was "commercial" development) I finally get to go and actually LEARN how to do it properly!

Oh, I did a university course (on C++) and a project (in VB3) and Dixons tried to send me on a course about 7 years ago, but this is the first time I've officially been sent to learn how to develop in .NET.

I wanted to do Advanced Basket Weaving but apparently they'll only send me on courses relevant to my job. Bah!

So... London. What's it like? It's cleaner than Derby, and less police cars have gone screaming past (on Euston Road) than normally do on an average evening in the Alvaston Urban Pacification Zone.

Hotel's nice, restaurant was nice (although pricey) and the room is damn clean. I think the shower leaks though. There's only one thing missing though - Anne. 

Yeah, I know. Soppy bugger.

Ah well. A couple of episodes of Blake's 7 then bed, I think...

I might "blog" about the course each night. If I can be bothered. I've never been a diarist.

Night all. By tomorrow night I'll be 25% better at programming than I am now.

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