Good Morning World

Wed, 14 September 2011

I have no idea where this came from. It in no way reflects my current state of mind.

Good morning World,
How are you today?
Could it be that for a change,
Nice things could come to play?
Yesterday was not the best,
I remember being quite sad.
I hoped for laughter and joy,
but it all went very bad.
I lost my world, I lost my anchor
and I don't think that's right.
What did I do so wrong
to end up in this plight?
What did I do to make you cross,
To make you punish me?
You did your best to beat me down
Now I'm less than I could be.
So, world, send me a sign
Because I'm standing at a fork.
I've tried to do the best I could,
But have I made it work?
Are there better things ahead?
Do I need to be prepared?
Is this a test from you
Because it's got me really scared.
I caught everything you threw
I took it on the chin.
Now I need to know
Whether to end or to begin.
I can see the rest of my life
Stretching to the ground below.
Is that all you have for me?
You should tell me, I need to know.
So good morning World,
How are you today?
Tell me what you want from me
I really want to stay...
(DTWH 2011)
I don't generally do poetry. I don't think I've written a poem since high school. Maybe I've started spontaneously coming up with song lyrics. I honestly don't know. Weird.
Honestly, I'm not an angsty teenager!

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