24 Hour Stream for Marie Curie Cancer Care

Twitch 24 logoThe Time: Midday 12th September 2015 to Midday 13th September 2015 UK time

The Place: http://twitch.tv/selezen

The Event: Dave broadcast LIVE, practically NON STOP for 24 hours on the popular video streaming site twitch.tv to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The Schedule: click here to go straight to the schedule

The 24 Hour Stream for Marie Curie will be hosted by Dave "Selezen" Hughes, known for posting troll-bait on forums, developing card models and board games, promising to write books then taking forever to do so and for writing a website with a proposed timeline for the Elite computer game. He has also dabbled in webcomics, fanfiction and other creative endeavours with varying amounts of success.

The stream was produced (if that's not too strong a word) in support of Marie Curie Cancer care, who provide care and support for those affected by cancer. As well as providing essential in-home palliative care for cancer patients, they offer a wide range of other services to both patients and their families. they do amazing work in often very difficult circumstances and their work is essential. Until a cure for this horrible disease is found, Marie Curie and other organisations like them are immensely important and need support and funding just as much as those organisations who are striving to put an end to The C Word.

Why did Dave decide to do this? In early 2015 Dave's aunt was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She had surived two bouts with breast cancer but this time the cancer had already metasticised by the time it was discovered. She has worked for Marie Curie for around a decade providing the very care that she will no doubt need as the cancer runs its inevitable, terrible course, and her descriptions of the care that she has provided to others, often remaining with patients until the very end and helping their families come to terms with the condition and the loss of their loved one, inspired Dave to do something, no matter how small, to support that kind of care and support. Dave's other aunt also works for Marie Curie helping to provide that same support to people in North Yorkshire, so the family ties to that amazing group of people are quite strong.

If you want to find out more about how Marie Curie Cancer Care, then click on this link: https://www.mariecurie.org.uk/

If you are reading this and want to support Marie Curie, you can donate to Dave's fundraising page at http://justgiving.com/selezen. This page will be open until the 24th October 2015.

During the stream Dave played computer games (featuring Elite: Dangerous amongst others) and took part in several other activities. The line-up for the stream included:

  • Guest appearances from other, more well-known streamers, including MahdDogg, Pleijpje and Kate Russell.
  • Awesome giveaways, including copies of Elite: Dangerous books, tickets to Fantasticon 2015 (the Fantastic Books Publishing one, not the other one), audio productions AND MUCH MORE!
  • Live sessions of the Elite Encounters Role-playing Game with guest players from the Lave Radio crew and all corners of Twitch.
  • Dave commentating on a session of Julian Gollop's upcoming game Chaos Reborn! (Didn't actually happen)
  • Plus much more!

The Schedule


1200 - Stream start

1215-1345 - Elite Dangerous

1345-1400 - Giveaways

1400-1700 - Lave Radio RPG [pending confirmation] - featuring Grant "Psykokow" Woollcott and John Stabler with SPECIAL GUESTS Edward "Frontier Community Manager" Lewis and Tjaart "Senior Artist, Elite Dangerous" Kruger!

1700-1730 - Teatime giveaway

1730-1930 - Anthony Olver and the Elite Archives (1:30am Aus time)

1930-2145 - Elite Encounters RPG Development

2145-2200 - Bedtime giveaway

2200-0000 - GTAV with Lave Radio's John Stabler [and Psykokow - pending approval]


0000-0030 - 12 hours down! Special giveaway!

0030-0345 - Elite Encounters featuring Kateclick, Mahddogg and Sam "Bifford" Byford

0400-0430 - Random RPG session featuring JMC002Neil and Khazius from Twitch

0800-0820 - Breakfast Giveaways

0830-1100 - Breakfast Elite Dangerous (with a mostly failed attempt at CQC)

1100-1200 - Last Giveaways and finish with Elite Dangerous

1200 - stream end


All in all it was a fun packed stream with lots to do and see. The support and backing from the twitch and Elite communities for this stream was amazing and the content that was suggested was very generous. Not least of all (as well as the people mentioned above) I'd like to thank Frontier Developments and Michael Brookes in particular for offering the support of that company for the stream, as well as a set of faction mugs for giving away on stream. 

The stream was performed (maybe that's a better word) in addition to The Great Dave Shave - Dave will be having all the hair on his head removed in support of Marie Curie as well. Click here to see more about that event.

Thanks for reading and please donate!


Dave "Talks About Himself In The Third Person" Hughes