The Great Dave Shave - 24th October 2015

dave shave image - before and afterThe Time: unknown time, 24th October 2015

The Place: Fantasticon 2015, Country Park Inn, Hull

The Event: Dave losing his hair for charity!

More Information:

What's It All About?

From Dave Hughes: Earlier this year my aunt was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her chemotherapy treatment has resulted in her losing her hair, as is normal for this sort of treatment. In sympathy and in support for her I am volunteering to have my entire head shaved, beard, hair and eyebrows, FOR CHARITY!

If you want to have a look at the donations page and maybe donation yourself, you can gothere by clicking this link:

Yes, at Fantasticon Sci Fi and Fantasy convention in Hull this October, 24th and 25 to be precise, I will be in attendance. Amongst other duties like hosting RPG sessions and having my leg humped by a bloke who was on Byker Grove (don't ask), I will go up on stage, live on various streaming media sites, and have my head completely shaved clean.

I'm doing this because I want to support my aunt and support the Marie Curie Cancer Care organisation, who provide palliative care and support for cancer patients and their families. Marie Curie provide a vital service, providing help, advice and companionship for those in all stages of cancer, from diagnosis until...well, you know when. Even after the inevitable happens, Marie Curie nurses and carers are there for the families providing a shoulder to cry on and advice on how to move forward. All because of donations from people like you - people who care (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, right?) 

I'm not built for the more energetic ways of raising money. It's unlikely I'd manage a 12 mile run or a cross-country cycle ride for charity. So I'm doing something I know I can do and that's relevant in some small way to what my aunt is going through. And it's fun. Raising money for a serious cause with a bit of fun is important. Apparently shaving your head can change the way your hair grows. Which is worrying. But I don't care. 

If my hair is long enough by October I'm hoping to bag it and donate it to one of the charities that receive hair and make wigs for kids with cancer. If not then it'll be a good bed for a hamster.

I'd like to thank those who are supporting me with this event. My wife, who has always refused to even let me shave my beard off, deserves special mention because she's the one that will have to look at the pure white brilliance of the top of my head afterwards. Dan and Gabi Grubb for allowing the Great Dave Shave to be done on stage at a convention and for making Marie Curie one of the selected charities for the Fantasticon event and for being just really supportive and lovely people. And the members of the Elite community and the other communities that I am part of (including my workplace) for supporting the fundraiser and (in the case of my workplace) allowing me to be a scruffy git for a couple of months.

In addition to the Great Dave Shave, I'm also doing a 24-hour live stream on twitch in support of Marie Curie. Click here to find out more about that event:

Thanks for reading,

Dave Hughes