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NOW AVAILABLE: The Elite Encounters RPG

The PDF version of the long-awaited OFFICIAL RPG based on the galaxy of Elite Dangerous is now available at the Daftworks Store! Click HERE to check it out.



Elite Encounters: We're still pushing development of other versions of the Elite Encounters RPG, with lots of thought and action going into each one. Hardcopies are in progress, although we have hit a financial and legal issue with that. Other electronic versions were put on hold whilst the hardcopy issues were being dealt with, but we're now turning our eye to those too.

New Products: We're continuing to expand our market with new product ideas. At the moment we have two new projects in development, one with an external publisher and one for internal release. When we are in a position to share details, we will!


[Elite Historical Archive]

ON HOLD - Information about and history of the Elite Universe. Includes the Elite Timeline, the essays that led to Daftworks' involvement in the development of Elite Dangerous. Work on this will resume once Elite Encounters is published.


[Paper and Card Models]

ACTIVE - Attractive, fun card and paper models suitable for all ages to build and collect. Currently all models are free, but the collection will be expanded into commercial models and more complex models for the more experienced builder. Work on this will resume once the Elite Encounters project is complete.


[Hobby Games]

ACTIVE - Hobby games are games that involve an element of construction and modelling to play, from the cutting out of a playing surface to the construction of card and paper playing pieces. This part of the site offers some early Daftworks products (previously marketed under the MadCap Models brand) for free! The range of games will be expanded when the Elite Encounters project is complete.


[To The Frontier Webcomic]

ON HOLD - webcomic set in the Elite universe. Work on this will continue once Elite Encounters is published.


[BattleBarge Webcomic]

COMPLETED - Webcomic about a wargaming shop and the sometimes strange world it exists within. Completed in 2009.