012 - The Big Reveal

5 Jul 2013 | Comments: 5

Episode 012

Well, that's it for this prologue preview. Let me know what you think either on the Frontier Forum, Oolite Forum, comments (assuming they work) or this site's contact form (on the menu up above).


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Voyager_NL   5 Jul 2013

Hey, nice twist at the end! Like it.
Especially like your impression of MB, it's simple but spot on.
The one where MB talks from behind the curtain is the best at storytelling from my perspective. Thanks for sharing this!

Void Sun   5 Jul 2013

Really enjoyed flicking through these Dave.

I suppose in some ways creating each scene is like writing a drabble.
You only have three of four frames to illustrate and dramatize your story and limited text space for dialogue. Balancing the two I assume is the most challenging.

Selezen   5 Jul 2013

I never thought about it like that before, but you're dead on, I think.

Sometimes putting text on is sad, because sometimes there's some great stuff under the text boxes. The strip where they arrive at Frontier reception is an example of that, because the TV screen behind Angela's speech bubble is quite good.

Thanks. And thanks to everyone for the comments so far. :)

Melt Louw   19 Dec 2013

Moar! I want MOAR!! :D


Moar   4 Sep 2016


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