About Daftworks

Daftworks as a business is the extension of many projects undertaken in the last decade related to web development, creative design and small-scale consultancy.

The main flow of experience has been in creating, planning and managing the development of small business websites and corporate images. In addition to web and internet related tuition, Daftworks also have fifteen years of experience in providing technical support and consultancy in matters relating to general computer and peripheral configuration and usage.

Until recently Daftworks was a brand name for the independent creative projects for the company's founder and sole employee, Dave Hughes. From small scale projects such as personal web development and craft modelling design to large scale development projects like the Elite Encounters RPG in collaboration with Frontier Developments, Dave has a proven track record of enabling accessible, quality products and services with limited resources.

The expansion of Daftworks into a service provider means that the wealth of knowledge and experience used to enable those early projects will now be accessible to the wider community.

Mission Statement:

"To provide creative services and consultations in the areas of graphic design, online presence and computer-related processes."