Dave Hughes: GalCop Historian

Local boy does good | Tue, 29 January 2013
Over the Christmas period, amongst the upheaval of my dad and stepmum's deaths, something wonderful happened. I was approached by a university lecturer on universe building to provide some information about Elite (you know, that game that I kinda like) to an initiative he was working on. It turned out that the initiative he was working on was the official writer's bible for the upcoming Elite: Dangerous game and associated fiction that I was wittering on about a few weeks back. To ... Read More

Bye, Facebook

The end is nigh | Fri, 25 January 2013
Posted this on Facebook today.   For those who care: I'll be deleting my facebook account very soon. I'm thoroughly fed up with game requests, friend requests from people I don't know or don't like, notifications about absolute bollocks that I have no interest in and people who post their entire lives on here. I signed up to Facebook to keep in touch with 3 people, none of whom are still using Facebook regularly. I don't like facebook, I don't agree with its ... Read More

Rollercoasters to end the year

Life, death, games, it's all here. | Thu, 24 January 2013
What a month. The first part of this post is more of an announcement, I suppose. It is with regret that I report the passing of my stepmother and father, Beryl and Andy Hughes. Beryl died on the 20th December 2012 and her husband Andy died two weeks later on 7th January 2013. Both died of complications due to cancer. My dad Andy had kidney and lung cancer amongst other things, since the kidney cancer metasticised in to his bloodstream and glands. He was diagnosed three and a half ... Read More

Pledge please!

Elite Dangerous Needs You! | Thu, 20 December 2012
Pledge to Elite Dangerous NOW. If this game doesn't get made I'll blame YOU. Yes, YOU personally. Look. Trailer to show how awesome it's going to be...  


Elite IV goes beyond vapourware? | Tue, 6 November 2012
David Braben, one of the brains behind Elite, that game that has dominated my psyche for the last 30 years, has launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at crowd-funding Elite IV, the long-awaited sequel to Elite that has been bugging people since Frontier First Encounters turned out to be so dire. Not only that, but it apparently is going to be a proper sequel - same style of gameplay and everything - to Elite. Not Frontier. Dodgy physics and all. This is bigger than the Star Wars thing, ... Read More