Obligatory Christmas Moan

Wed, 30 November 2011

What would we be without Christmas, eh? I'll tell you. Richer.

Middle of a recession. Everyone moaning about money (or lack thereof). Prices and bills going through the roof. But we (as a nation) STILL have the money to shell out on Christmas gubbins.

OK, that's out of the way.

It's been a while since my last post. That's because my little world is changing. Amy's pregnant, David is at college (and doing quite well) and Anne is trying to get treatment for a year-long headache. It's actually a year ago today that she was in hospital for it the first time.

She had a lumbar puncture (third attempt) and found out that the pressure in her spinal fluid was DOUBLE what it should be. That's quite scary. It should be about 15 or so, and 20-25 is cause for concern. Hers was at 37.

Amy's just got over a serious bout of morning sickness. She was hospitalised three times to be rehydrated because she couldn't keep anything down. There's a name for it but I can't be bothered to go look it up.

So what's the real point of this post? Good question. For once there isn't one. There's no big message coming. I just wanted to share my news. Not on Facebully or Twatter, but in my own little corner of the interweb.

I suppose the biggest realisation has been that I'm going to be a (step)grandad. That's pretty cool. I need to cultivate the image, so I'm growing out the full beard and might bleach it and dye it grey. That's what grandads are supposed to look like. See, there's a reason why the Christian God is a bearded bloke with snowy white hair, if you ask me. It's because it makes us all think about our grandads.

A small irony is that I suddenly became interested in the garden this summer - something I always remember about my own grandad. Maybe the world was trying to tell me something. Maybe in the coming months I'll start enjoying DIY and cricket.

We also remodelled the living room over the weekend. Amy doesn't feel that she's ready to move out yet (for a variety of reasons) so we need to make space in our tiny house for another life. Amy needs the bigger bedroom so Anne and I are moving into the living room (Amy's tiny tiny box room is too small for a double bed).

So. Big changes. Interesting times indeed.

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