Family Woes (DBG Blog Part 1)

Mon, 30 January 2012

Let me tell you a story.

It's Sunday 30th Jan 2012. We were invited to a friend's house overnight and Amy was left in charge of the house with her boyfriend Jason as of Saturday night. David and Derri had been instructed to wash their bedding and Amy was clearing off her bed to give her mattress to David. Both boys were instructed to get bedding in the wash on Sunday morning after their breakfasts.
Both had to be reminded to do it and then Derri did it without any problems. David refused to do it as he was "busy". Busy turned out to be "playing FIFA on iPod." Amy told him to get it done and he refused. His attitude and demeanour made Amy feel uncomfortable and that he was trying to push her into an argument and make her angry. Affter being shouted at he eventually began stripping the bed, all the time swearing and cursing Amy e.g. "Why should I have to put up with this just because you're fucking pregnant?"
Amy lost temper and "read him the riot act" as she put it. All the time she was shouting at him he was laughing in her face.
That's David's way of saying "thank you" to his sister for giving him her mattress.
Teenage behaviour? Autistic behaviour? Or something else...?
I've made a decision. my stepson David is always posting his innermost thoughts in fArsebook, but his postings (and indeed most things he says) are carefully crafted to make everyone feel sorry for him - usually by telling people the evil things his parents do whilst not revealing what HE did to prompt that response.. Well, from now on I'm going to post what he's REALLY like. Just the facts of an incident, mind. I'll be objective.

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