The core element of ELITE: DANGEROUS is its trading and economy. Players starting with a tiny space ship will need to earn money to upgrade its systems and eventually trade in for a bigger, better craft. ELITE ENCOUNTERS takes that model and expands it for use in a role-playing scenarios.

In this section, the commodities listed in the computer game are fully represented and their descriptions expanded to single unit level. This forms the basis for almost all the equipment that can be bought and sold by characters.

In addition, ELITE ENCOUNTERS has a vehicle system that allows players to access ANY kind of vehicle in the ELITE: DANGEROUS setting - from bicycles to aircraft carriers. The scope to design and create custom vehicles is also there, represented by a simple and accessible stat system.

Of course, this is a space game, so the spacecraft of ELITE: DANGEROUS get special attention. Every ship available in the game is represented with a full-colour double-page poster along with stats, loadouts and a default vehicle information card*. The stats and vehicle equipment can be used to represent the vehicles in the narrative of the RPG for quick representation of vehicle combat, or can be combined with the Vehicle Combat Simulator rules for a more interactive experience!

This section features:

  • Descriptions and cost breakdowns for all commodities found in ELITE: DANGEROUS.
  • Individual item costs for the above.
  • Personal equipment, clothing and weaponry for characters and other individuals.
  • Descriptions of player-usable vehicle types, including cars, trucks, trains, aircraft and watercraft (yes, and spacecraft) of all sizes!


* list complete at time of publication.