It's called a Frequently Asked Questions list, but I'm going to be using this as a list of any questions that are asked about the RPG, its history or its future. Feel free to email me questions or use the social media buttons at the bottom of the page to get in touch through those methods.


Why did this take so long to get released?

Since this is the question I've been asked the most, this is the one I'll answer first. The development of this book took four years rather than the one year that I had estimated. A number of things contributed to this, including personal health issues, family commitments and the necessity to learn a lot of the processes for creating a book like this from scratch. The worst kept secret of the Daftworks Empire is that it is an empire of one. One person is responsible for the writing, design, graphics, layout, publishing, testing, marketing and so forth for this book and, potentially, any other projects that Daftworks might embark on in the future.

The positive side of this is that the framework for future projects is now largely in place, and the bits that go around the actual writing process are now part of my knowledge and experience. Lessons learned and mistakes made.

If you want more information about this, then please visit this page.


Why aren't the original Elite games mentioned anywhere?

The RPG was licensed under the ELITE: DANGEROUS brand alone. This meant that inclusion of much of the specific content from the first three games was not allowed. The content from the first games that has, at the time of publication, been mentioned or used in E:D was permitted, but usually after a bit of back and forth conversation.


Why are the Background and Loremaster's Guide sections really short?

The Great Cull of 2017. The word count for the first draft was 250,000 words. Roughly around the minimum size for an all-in-one RPG rulebook. Frontier, however, demanded that the book be no longer than 150,000 words. This meant that a considerable amount of content had to be lost. Since the background section and the loremaster's guides were comprised of words that were not essential to the book's content (unlike, say, the character generation or game system) then they were the sections that were sacrificed.