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In 1984 a groundbreaking new game revolutionised the gaming industry. ELITE showed the world that there was more to computer games than simple flat graphics and getting everything done before your three lives ran out. ELITE inspired a generation through its 3D graphics and expansive multimedia content. A detailed manual and an engaging story set the scene for the game's universe and brought it out of the screen.

Square image showing part of the avatar record fileThis Role-playing Game was designed to bring the amazing depth and history of the ELITE setting out of the computer screen and into your homes and tabletop gaming clubs. It was developed with assistance and input from the team behind ELITE: DANGEROUS and has been licensed as part of that evolving experience.

The ELITE ENCOUNTERS RPG contains all anyone will need to become part of an engaging and exciting setting. A custom-designed game system ensures that the story takes centre stage whilst guaranteeing that any situation will have resolution. Colourful media in the book showcases the amazing visuals and design that are the hallmark of the Elite games. Charts, tables and forms, not least of which are the detailed character sheets and vehicle record sheets, give players and storytellers the tools to create legends.

The pages of this part of the site showcase each section of the book. More than that, the book contains loads of additional extras to enrich your gaming experience. Buy your copy today at the Daftworks Store!