Fantasticon 2018 Special Release!


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At Fantasticon 2018 Daftworks is proud to reveal our first PHYSICAL medium for the Elite Encounters RPG: CUSTOM MEMORY CARDS!

Whilst progress on the hard copies of the book is stuck in hyperspace, we're making the PDF copy available to you on this specially commissioned USB card! It features the lovely Elite Encounters logo on the front and a piece of artwork from the book on the reverse for your visual enjoyment. It's the same size and just about the same thickness as a credit card, so you can take it anywhere safely in your wallet or purse. Flip out the USB connector and you will get access to your own copy of the PDF - updated with the galaxy's greatest errata!

But that's not all! For the first time, stand-alone copies of some of the most important parts of the book are included as separate, memory friendly files! You will find the essential avatar and vehicle record files as well as an EXCLUSIVE set of blank vehicle record cards in both full colour AND printer-friendly black and white to save your precious ink! Both sets of cards have white space for the vehicle image, so you can draw or stick your own on there.


You'll also find copies of the Vehicle Combat System's counters and cardlets plus a summary of the character generation rules (taken directly from the book), the Commander's Screen and a page of dice templates to let you print and use your very own Elite dice!

You're probably wondering how much this all costs? Well, for the duration of Fantasticon (that's 10am Saturday 1st to 6pm Sunday 2nd September 2018), if you're buying direct from me at the convention this will all cost you ONLY £20!!! That's the same price as the downloadable RPG! That's right, we're throwing in the beautiful USB stick FREE until the end of Fantasticon!

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Following the convention, any remaining stocks will be made available through the Daftworks store for the regular price of £25 (not inclusive of shipping).

BUT THAT'S STILL NOT ALL!! Anyone who provides a valid proof that they have already bought the RPG either through the Kickstarter campaign or via the Daftworks store (I will match details with my sales records) can buy all this for only £10!!! Yes, £10!!! It's CRAZY!!!

Am I using enough exclamation marks? 

I hope that's got you all excited. Be warned though, there are limited stocks and sales are in person only, so make sure you grab one as quickly as you can! I'll be accepting cash



Fantasticon is a product of Fantastic Books Publishing and is owned and run by Dan and Gabi Grubb, without whom this SPECIAL OFFER would not be possible. Thanks, you lovely people.

Offers marked as Exclusive or Special Edition are such for the duration of Fantasticon. The publisher reserves the right to make any so marked content available through other methods at a later date.

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