The creation and publication of the ELITE ENCOUNTERS Role-playing game is part of a single-book license with Frontier Developments. This means that there is no certainty of further revisions to the book or even any more books to supplement the core rules. We don't know what the future will hold, but for the moment the ELITE ENCOUNTERS core rulebook is the only licensed book that I will be publishing under the ELITE: DANGEROUS brand.

That doesn't mean that I don't intend to create any more content for the RPG. Oh no, commander. 

The plan at the moment is that any content I create to expand on the RPG will be classed as "non-canon". It will not be licensed or endorsed by Frontier, and thus will not be counted as factually part of the expanding ELITE: DANGEROUS setting. In essence it will be classed as "fan-fiction".

Whatever might be developed alongsiode the RPG in future, it will be listed here, in the Non-canon section of the site. Most will be downloadable either as graphics, web pages or PDF files from this location, and larger expansions will be available as free downloads from the Daftworks Store.

Watch this space.