From the shadows they came...

...and then burned in the sun. -- 09 Aug 2018
Hi there Kickstarter fans, Apologies for the long delay since the last update. Life, the universe and other non-publishing activities have just taken up the majority of my time lately, between family duties, the Day Job and personal issues. I won't bore you with the details. A few people have asked some questions over the last few weeks, and I want to answer them here. 1) What's happening with the hardcopies? When I'm working on book stuff, it's this that's taking ... Read More
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6 Days Later zombies yet -- 23 Oct 2017 -- Comments: 2
It's LAUNCH +6 at Daftworks Towers, and I thought I should give you a rundown on how things are going. They're going OK, to be honest. For an indie product with only one person handling the marketing, the sales and exposure has been steady. Elite Encounters is proving to be a reasonably popular item, and I've already had some positive reviews from both the Kickstarter community and the general populace. So what movement has there been? Well, the EPUB and Kindle versions ... Read More
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Elite Encounters RPG: Born 18th October 2017

...and it became self aware at 0714! -- 18 Oct 2017 -- Comments: 1
By now, you backers out there may have received an email. Your PDF copies of the Elite Encounters RPG were sent out via email this morning. Please check the inbox for the email address you provided either through the surveys (oh so long ago) or when you let me know that you changed email addresses. Also, please make sure to check your spam folders as well just in case your email client doesn't like me. It's a big day. I'm not going to go on about it, but to be honest, I feel ... Read More
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Approvals Are In

It's all go -- 16 Oct 2017 -- Comments: 1
Hi everyone, As noted in the previous short post, the final approval for the book has been received! We did it! Against all odds and despite sooo many hurdles, the book is now officially complete. I'm so excited I made a video (clicky). Now I just need to get them out to you all! So this means the end of the creative phase of the project. It's done. Finished. No more fettling. I have a complete product ready to ship. Now we enter the production phase - getting the book ... Read More
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His Word Is Law

And there was great...something something something -- 29 Aug 2017
The commandments from on high have been received. The words of the Braben have been heard, and we must obey. ;-) OK, tongue out of cheek, yes, this means what you think it does. The comments from David Braben have been received. Those of you who follow me on the Twitter and the book of faces probably know what's coming... It's not great. It's not terrible, but it's not great. Long story short, the big news is that there will be one superpower less in the RPG. The ... Read More
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Special Announcement

Yeah, it's pretty special. -- 28 Aug 2017 -- Comments: 1
Hi Kickstarter fans and you amazing, loyal pledgers and followers. I'm going to start off this update with the news I've been itching to reveal.  THE ELITE ENCOUNTERS RPG IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER!! (click above to be taken to the pre-order news page) Oh yes. We are definitively in the final stages now, and we're just waiting for the Frontier head honcho David Braben to cast his eye (but hopefully NOT his red pen) over the release candidate and give it his seal ... Read More
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It's a bit drafty....

Oh, pun times. -- 24 Jul 2017 -- Comments: 1
Hello everyone. I've been a bit quiet lately. Sorry about that. That doesn't mean to say that nothing has been going on. Those of you who know me and have followed me through this long, painful process should know that the times when I'm quiet tend to mean I'm busy - both on REAL LIFE and this project. OK, apart from one early exception. But we won't go into that. So, what have I been up to this past couple of months? Well, the last thing you probably heard was that ... Read More
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The Second Draft is IN!

And the livin' is easy... -- 05 Jun 2017
Hi Kickstarter Fans. Apologies for the brief post the other day, but I just wanted to let you know that progress was being made. Today I'm posting, as promised, to expand on that and to fill you in on happenings past, present and future in the wibbly wobbly world of Daftworks Towers... What Have I Been Up To? All right. The last thing you really heard from me was the failure to meet the November deadline for submitting the second draft and all the confusion around the conversation ... Read More
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Achievement Unlocked: Second Draft

No, really... -- 28 May 2017
About an hour or so ago I wrote an email to Frontier Developments. In that email I mentioned that I enclosed a HUGE PDF file containing the complete second draft of Elite Encounters. This isn't just any draft. This isn't a two-column-per-page Word document with fancy headings and a few logos on it. Oh no. This is a full-colour multimedia EXTRAVAGANZA of a draft. Put it this way. Other than some typos, spelling errors and maybe a few other little niggles, I consider this to be a version ... Read More
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Quick Update

It's quick... -- 05 Apr 2017
I mean it. This is a quick update. Since the last time I posted I've been physically compromised. I went effectively blind, and could not use computers for longer than ten minutes at a time without severe headaches and loss of vision. This has meant that I couldn't do any work that involves text, graphics or staring at the screen for a long time. This has, as you might imagine, been a scary and anxious time. The GP and the NHS in general have been incompetent as hell about trying ... Read More
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