This site is an Elite fan site. It is more focused on the technology, the expanded universe and pseudo-science rather than the game itself.


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Welcome to the Elite Expanded Universe

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This is an Elite / Oolite fan information site. Most of the content here is technical background for those who want to write fan fiction and want to have a consistent source of information.

Originally the site was actually created to host the game system and background information for the original Elite Encounters, a role-playing game system I created many years ago, but when the game stopped being played I kind of lost interest.

For many years I wrote this stuff myself, but since becoming involved with the Oolite project, many of the developers and players there have contributed ideas and information that have been included on this site or have inspired me to come up with more information.

The most popular area of this site now is the Galactic Timeline (formerly known as the Unlocking The Frontier section) which goes some way to integrating the disparate Elite and Frontier game settings and has been used as a reference for many items of fan fiction and is often graciously mentioned in the Oolite forums as a useful font of information.

NOTE: The timeline has been used as the basis for some OFFICIAL background information in Elite: Dangerous and its associated fiction. In addition, I have been approached to draft the official history for GalCop in the same media. Thanks to everyone who's supported the timeline and this site in order for this to become a reality.

I hope you find the information here useful.

Dave "Selezen" Hughes


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