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This page lists all the Oolite eXpansion Packs (OXPs) that I have developed for the game.

OXP Name Description


Tionisla Orbital Graveyard (Beta) The famed Orbital graveyard as described in Robert Holdstock's The Dark Wheel. Still in early beta and nowhere near complete. Thanks to Rik and Arnoud for their collaboration with this.

Spyhunter My only mission so far. The player is enlisted by the Navy to hunt down and destroy an enemy spy who has classified information.


Eagle Mk 2 The Eagle Mk 2 fighter, as used by the Galactic Federation in Frontier Elite 2. This comes in 5 variants, one being a souped up special edition.

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Imperial Courier V1 The original version of the Achenar Empire's Imperial Courier as seen in Frontier Elite 2. This is a vastly unbalanced beast, being one of my early attempts at designing a ship for Oolite.


Cobra Mk III NjX The military-biased Cobra Mk II Naja Experimental. Slightly improved performance over the traditional Cobra Mk III at the price of cargo space. Includes a military surplus version with even better offensive peformance. Designed as part of the Pimp My Cobra competition.

Capisastra A hostile alien pirate race for Galaxy 4. They'll look very familiar to older gamers...

Thargoid Carrier A vast carrier ship for the Thargoid forces. Created to even up the odds against the many Navy expansion packs there are.

S-Ships Vol 1 A small package of custom ships. (SWAT Viper & Oresrian Trader)

Imperial Courier V2 The second edition Imperial Courier, with a far better model, better textures, better performance, better...well, it's just better.

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Icarus The Icarus class ship from the old game Starglider 2.

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Dream Team A development to reimagine the classic Elite ships with more detailed models and better textures. A beta version with about half the ships is available to download from this site for testing.

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