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Elite Fiction

Elite has spawned a whole slew of fan fiction tales, both in the original Elite setting and in the Frontier and FFE settings.

This section will link to as many of them as I can find, including my own works!

My Fiction

Galaxy of Broken Dreams (part one of a series) (ELITE)
An elite commander takes his wife on a crusade against the Thargoids who destroyed their lives.

Justice for All (part two of a series) (ELITE)
A tribunal is convened to determine the fate of Commander Tarklin, the charges against him are irrefutable, and the penalty for piracy is death.

Friends in Deed (part three of a series) (ELITE)
Back in space after his illness, Tarklin receives a call for help from an old friend.

The Unforgiving Stars (ELITE/OOLITE)
A young navy reserve pilot contemplates the infinite.

EBBS Fiction

Virtuous Misfortune, by Dylan Smith (ELITE/OOLITE)
The first dedicated Oolite story. Damon Winston and his crew against a the background of a universe gone mad! Cops, robbers and cute furry...creatures add up to a bad day.

Past Prologue 1: Winston, by Dylan Smith (FFE)
A collection of short stories by Dylan Smith, founder of the EBBS, detailing his character's experiences after the HPA saga.

Past Prologue 2: The Good, the Bad and the Android, by Ben Peake, Mike Mersey and Mark Smart (FFE)
The continuing adventures of 'Red' Ravens, Norman Mosser and his crew and one very special andriod...

The HPA Saga (mirror)

Long Range Cruiser

by The Elite BBS

In May 2002, the EBBS embarked on what would become a masterwork of collaborative fiction. Written in all by ten or more authors over three years, it is a sweeping tale of consipiracy, betrayal, friendship and ambition. For the first time, it is here compiled into seven pocket sized collections.

Anarchy Rising: The HPA Saga Part One
One ridiculously large weapon. One criminal mastermind. One conspiracy involving citizens of all three superpowers.  A sweeping, dramatic tale of cat and mouse on a galactic scale.

Sharks, Pirahnas and Ravens: The HPA Saga Part Two
The HPA saga continues. The tale heats up as the weapon comes together.

Revelations and Interludes: The HPA Saga Part Three
Motives, technology and individuals are revealed, and the galaxy is plunged into a secret war.

Dancing with Angels and Demons: The HPA Saga Part Four
Betrayal and counterbetrayal as the HPA nears completion...

Princes and Pirates: The HPA Saga Part Five
Emotions and cultures clash as the playes approach their final places...

Achenar Bound: The HPA Saga Part Six
The pieces of the jigsaw come together as the Azure Sunset arrives in the Achenar system.

Endgames: The HPA Saga Part Seven
The Azure Sunset is over Capitol, the HPA is primed and everyone is at each other's throats. The last installment of the saga.

Thanks to Frantic, Dylan and everyone for letting me compile it.

Note: The HPA stories are now mirrored on the FrontierAstro site (click to go there). That site also has the files available in ePub format for mobile devices. 

Deathwreaker - The HPA Saga 2 (mirror)

Collecting the newest work of collaborative fiction by the Elite BBS.

Deathwreaker: HPA2 Volume 1, by the Elite BBS (FFE)
Across the galaxy, rumours are rife: is the Azure Sunset really back? The long awaited sequel to the HPA saga.

Deathwreaker: HPA2 Volume 2, by the Elite BBS (FFE)
Mossers galore in the second installment.

Deathwreaker: HPA2 Volume 3, by the Elite BBS (FFE)
The rise of a new power in the third exciting installment.

Deathwreaker: HPA2 Volume 4, by the Elite BBS (FFE)
All out war between the Federation and the Empire masks the ongoing hunt for the Azure Sunset.

Deathwreaker: HPA2 Volume 5, by the Elite BBS (FFE)
Tragedy and confusion abound - all at the hands of the Mossers.

Deathwreaker: HPA2 Volume 6, by the Elite BBS (FFE)
The Sunset is boarded and all the players run into each other.

Deathwreaker: HPA2 Volume 7, by the Elite BBS (FFE)
Various factions are closing in on the Sunset, each with thier own agenda.

Deathwreaker: HPA2 Volume 8, by the Elite BBS (FFE)
The battles hot up and the net closes in.

Deathwreaker: HPA2 Volume 9, by the Elite BBS (FFE)
All good things must come to an end.

The Marcan Rayger Chronicles

by Marko Susimetsa

The tales of Marcan Rayger were written in the late 1990s and follow the titular character through his adventures in the First Encounters era.

The main page can be found here, linking to character biographies and portraits as well as the Ebooks.

Hunting Troy (Marcan Rayger Book 1) - ePub | mobi

Castor  (Marcan Rayger Book 2) - ePub | mobi

Inter-Mission (Marcan Rayger Book 3) - ePub | mobi

Dioscuri (Marcan Rayger Book 4) - ePub | mobi

Book 5 forthcoming