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This section is a hypothetical, experimental timeline expanding my 'Unlocking the Frontier / Galactic Timeline' research to include the events and expansions into the Elite Universe made possible by Oolite.

Green Text: Conjectural, calculated from information at hand.
BlueText: Gathered from Frontier information.

3125 -

Commander Peter Jameson begins career as space trader. (start of the original Elite game)



3130 -

GalCop begins a programme of retrofitting some out of date space faring equipment to older vessels.  At the same time, satellite and comms buoys are upgraded.



3134 -

Modern Galactic Mean Time is established.



3136 -

By the start of this year, records show that nearly all active space vessels have been upgraded. Modifications include higher resolution viewscreens and console displays, more efficient shied generators and energy units and enhanced comms systems, including HoloFac upgrades.


The GCW Transit Authority finally respond to nearly a decade of petitioning by pilots and install docking approach beacons for all space stations. These allow new pilots to easily line their ships up for docking. In the first few months of service, these beacons reduce docking accidents by 32%.


3137 -

By the start of this year, GalCop has embarked on a programme of upgrading and enhancing all systems.


GASEC unveils a new space station design – the Icosahedral station, or Ico.


The Aegidian SpaceWorks company releases three new ships onto the market. This company is a small, independent workshop that makes ships on contract. Their popularity spawns many ‘garage’ spacecraft hull manufacturers in GalCop territory, each working on a contractual basis. This sort of operation is banned in both the Federation and the Empire.


3139 -

Murgh & Son become the second garage vessel manufacturer to become popular on a large scale.


The Galactic Police begin experimenting with modified versions of the Viper cruiser.


3140 -

Ixian renegades begin incursions into GalCop space.


Garage manufacturers begin issuing ‘tuning’ packages for all space worthy ships.  A standard ‘superCobra’ package is released, targeted at GCW Merchant ships, and an NG package for the Fer-de-Lance is released.


3141 -

GASEC reveal several radical new prototype space stations, marking a departure from the older, self-contained models. Examples of a toroid design is placed in orbit of several high-tech worlds for testing.


Following increased Thargoid activity, the Galactic Navy launch a fleet of supercarriers. The INS Behemoth is the first of these, being launched in February 3141.  The Treaty of Achenar forbade the manufacture of vessels of this size, and the Federation and Empire lodge protests despite GCW assurance that these vessels will only be used in Thargoid space.


By 3145, when Thargoid incursions into Federal space increase, protests about the deployment of supercarriers is non-existent.


3142 -

FCS Shipbuilders burst onto the scene with some radical new designs. They quickly become the third largest garage supplier.


The Galactic Police and Galactic Navy jointly develop an armoured transport to aid in the protection of orbitspace traffic.


3149 -

GalCop suffers massive losses in Thargoid attacks.  Negotiations are opened with the Galactic Federation and the Duval Empire for aid in the wars.  The Federation and Empire are having increasing trouble with Thargoid incursions, but not with full-scale war zones such as GalCop has seen.