This site is an Elite fan site. It is more focused on the technology, the expanded universe and pseudo-science rather than the game itself.


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Behind the Timeline
A detailed study of Elite and its universe in comparison to Frontier.

Part 1

Elite and Frontier are very disparate entities as far as setting and history are concerned.  For example, there is no mention whatsoever of the Galactic Co-operative of Worlds in Frontier, nor is there mention of the Thargoids.  Elite does not mention the Galactic Federation or the Empire at all, apart from one single mention of a ‘GalFederation’ in the Elite manual.

This part of the site has been created to try and fit the Elite universe and official fiction into the larger universe of the Frontier games.  It was originally concieved shortly after the release of FE2 and was initially for my own use in determining timescales for my Elite fiction.

  • Part 1 of the site (this page) is a list of facts and preparation for the study.
  • Part 2 is some useful information and a Q&A on theories used in the study, plus some further deliberation.
  • Part 3 is the actual expanded theory, with an addendum of notable dates.
  • Part 4 is a detailed timeline from the secession of the Far Colonies/Old Worlds to the start of play in Frontier.
  • Appendix 1 is a list of derived dates from my own fiction, which may be posted to the site at some point.
  • Finally, I have included a Glossary of terms and stuff used in the compilation of this thesis.




  • Lave is just over 63 light years from Earth
  • The furthest system away from Lave in the direction of Earth is Orrira, which is 43.6 light years north east of Lave, right on the upper edge of the Galaxy 1 map.  This would place it roughly in grid square 0, -2 on the Frontier Map.  A slightly closer system, which is more directly on the route is Orteve at 32.8LY.  Orteve is at roughly the same position as Exioce or Urqueth, in square -1,-3 (based on estimated distance). The only planet close to where Orrira may be is Beta Hydri, but it is too far out.
  • 11 systems from Elite appear on the Frontier Map.  Any further out than 10LY from Lave, the planet names are unrecognised.  The 11 systems are in the same positions as found in the Elite maps.
  • Technology from the Elite universe (Vipers and Transporters most especially) exists in the Frontier universe.
  • Coriolis stations are used by both Elite and Frontier worlds.  Frontier calls them ‘outpost stations’.
  • There is an easily traversed route that can be flown from Lave to Earth.  Most systems are uninhabited, but they are there.
  • There is a slight discrepancy between distances and positions of the systems around Lave compared to the Frontier map.
  • Assuming the relative orientations of the Elite and Frontier maps are the same, Achenar falls slap bang in the middle of Galaxy 1!  It’s near Enonla!!!
  • Some areas of the Elite galaxy have planets where there are none in the same area in Frontier and vice versa.

Let’s tie together all the dates and relative information we can glean from the Elite manual and stories.  No dates are given in The Dark Wheel.  Items in black text are from the Elite manual.  Items in Red are from Imprint (a novella supplied with Elite Plus for the PC).  Items in Blue are gleaned from information in Frontier or FFE.  Text in italics are either conjecture or comments.


Before 2500 – Lakon Spaceways MC15 transporter enters service.  Original prototype known to have been built in Mars orbitspace (in the Sol system)

2696 – Passing of Galactic Co-operative of Worlds Charter

2700 – Whatt and Pritney Python enters service

2715 – publishing of a report proposing a ratified trading system within GalCop

2752 – GASEC, based on Vetitice, complete the first functional Coriolis station in orbit around Lave.

2762 – Faulcon Manspace Viper enters service.

2845 – Kroweki & Carr's ‘PsychoHistory and Economic Theory in the GalFederation’ published

2852 – Ace & Faber Gecko enters service

2855 – Paynou, Prossett and Salem Cobra Mk I enters service

2856 – RimLiner Galactic Anaconda enters service.  Saud-Kruger Orbit Shuttle enters service.

2878 – GalCop Workshops Asp Mk II enters service

2914 – Outworld Workshops Adder enters service

2982 – Onrira Orbital / Spalder and Starblaze Sidewinder enters service.

2987 – Prototype Lance & Ferman homing missile successfully tested during Ineran Wars

2990 – Emperor Duval attempts to negotiate personal truce with Thargoids.  Federation officials are also rumoured to be carrying out similar missions.

3017 – Gerege Federation Workshops Boa enters service3027 – Faulcon deLacy Krait enters service.

3028 – Marine Trench Company Moray Star Boat enters service

3100 – Cowell & MgRath Cobra Mk III enters service.  Zorgon Petterson Group Fer-de-Lance enters service

3101 – Worm class landing craft enters service – multiple manufacturers.

3110 – Reorte Ship Federation Mamba enters service.

Game time – Trantor House publish Jane's Galactic Ships and Remote Colonial Construction, 5th Edition. Publishing code is 3205.  (The 3205 number mentioned can’t be a date, as Elite is set before Frontier, and Frontier starts in 3200.  In The Dark Wheel, Alex Ryder mentions that a day is 20 hours, ensuring that game time is before the establishment of Galactic Mean Time).

3130 – Modern Galactic Mean Time is established.

3151 – Thargoids defeated, presumed eradicated.

3199 – Commander Peter Jameson dies, leaving vessels and space flight licences to his grandchildren, set to begin at the start of the next year.