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This page gives a cross section of the diverse cultures and species across the 8 galaxies. It is not a comprehensive guide to all the different races, merely a guide to their common racial characteristics and histories.

Note on Non-humanoid races
Recent research has reportedly found evidence that all non-humanoid life forms in the galaxy are a result of genetic manipulation of life-forms found on Earth and are further evidence of a no-holds-barred expansionist policy by Earth's Galactic Federation. This evidence points to a project to create sentient life-forms that could colonise and hold planets "in trust" for humanity to then reclaim back at a later date. This correlates with reports from the days of the Far Colonies organisation that recount urgent missions to take hold of several colonies in that area without regard to prior claim made by the non-humanoid races.


Amphibian races are based on reptilian DNA, and are cold-blooded, often water-dwelling creatures. Their societies are non-existent, and they form alliances with each other on a seemingly random basis only to dissolve those alliances without forethought when the usefulness has ended.

Of all races, amphibians are the most aloof and this has given them a mystique among the rest of the galactic community. They rarely disembark from their ships when docked and rarely engage in more than cursory dialogue with other races. They will, however, readily ally with members of other races in order to achieve a goal.


Avis Sapiens are genetically related (and possibly derived from) the Terran bird. Many variations of this type exist, ranging from diminutive and slight creatures to tall, muscular and strong types. Many are innate predators and have a militaristic bearing. Society is divided into clans based on their physical and sociological type.

Cultural identify is strong and consistent between clans but different clans often have very different values and identities. Most avian worlds with more than two clans in residence will often be mired in civil war for years at a time.


Felis sapiens are offshoots of Earth cats and bear many physical similarities to various felines as found on Earth or other human colonies. There are various external differences between breeds, from fur length to facial and skeletal structure. All felinoids are carnivorous and have, on occasion, been known to consume members of other sentient races for a variety of reasons. Felinoids have very keen senses of smell and a strict honour code. Felinoid society tends to be very structured and their culture changes only slowly.


The most commonly encountered race in the galaxy, primarily due to a comprehensive expansion policy in the early years of the Galactic Federation's spacefaring history. All humanoid colonies show genetic evidence of originating from Earth, although the question of how the colonies could become as large as they are from relatively low original colony populations remained a mystery until recently.

Humanoids are omnivorous creatures with diverse personalities and a capacity for either great violence or great pacifism as well as several other traits. Of all the societies, theirs is most diverse and most liable to change. Compared to other races, humanity's cultural stability is very low, and their political and social graces tend to change within a few generations from world to world.


See also: Thargoid | Oresrian

Insectoid races are similar in appearance to a variety of known Earth insects varying from ant-like to spider-like in form. Thus far the only non-earth derived lifeforms found in the galaxy have been the Thargoids and the Oresrians, who are commonly believed to be related in some way due to their striking similarities to each other.

Insectoids normally possess exeskeltons and multi-sectioned bodies. They usually have compound eyes (often more than two) and the majority of them have functional antennae. Their structure is sufficiently different to that of all other lifeforms that they cannot natively communicate in any other language type than their own. All communication between insectoid and other races is done through interpreter implants or via individuals who can translate (since it is possible to learn to understand the spoken language given sufficient exposure).

Insectoids tend to be very insular, even between other insectoid races. Their societies tend to be caste-organised and most, though not all, are monarchic societies based round a queen, although some worlds have evolved a "royal caste" of numerous queens who rule over different parts of the planet.