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Using the base model templates Giles gave away with Oolite along with the texture files from the game, I plan to occasionally design and release paper models of the ships in Oolite, starting with the simpler models. Print out onto at least 210gsm card. If you have any issues with the models please let me know.

NOTE: These models are based on material that is copyrighted. Do not distribute for profit or personal gain, and please include full credit for the original creators of the models. The model templates themselves are covered under this site's Creative Commons license, the Oolite textures are protected under Oolite's license and the Elite ship designs are covered as the intellectual property of Ian Bell and Frontier Developments.

Adder | Zipped

Anaconda | Zipped

Asp | Zipped

Boa | Zipped

Cargo Canister | Zipped

Cobra 1 | Zipped

Cobra III | Zipped

Constrictor | Zipped

Escape Pod | Zipped

Escape Pod with Occupants | Zipped

Fer-de-Lance | Zipped

Gecko | Zipped

Krait | Zipped

Mamba | Zipped

Moray | Zipped

Python | Zipped

Shuttle | Zipped

Sidewinder | Zipped

Thargon | Zipped

Thargoid | Zipped

Transporter | Zipped

Viper | Zipped

Viper Interceptor | Zipped

Worm | Zipped