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Glossary of Terms:

NOTE: stuff in italics is conjectural.  Blue text is from The Dark Wheel.  Black text is from the manual.


22-18 - laser specification fitted to Sidewinders.  The laser was designed by GalCop Workshops for military use, but the design was copied out along with the specification for the ship.


Ace & Faber - manufacturer of Gecko spacecraft, from a design by Robert Bream.  Based on Lerelace.
Allutium - metal alloy used in laser barrels.
AM - manufacturer of model 18 bi Thrust combination realspace/hyperspace drive.  This drive can also function in atmospheric conditions, due to the fact that the control system can be switched to be much more responsive at lower speeds.
Ames - manufacturer of C40KV drive motor (Boa) and C40KV Exlon 76NN drives (Python)
Arcturan Megaweed - dangerous narcotic substance.
Auto Trading Systems Link - system used for trading at starports. Developed by Corporate Commercial (CorCom).
Autoremotes - small medical and support robots operating in space, designed to respond to distress calls such as the signal generated by a RemLok mask.
AutoSCAM modules - robotic units found on space stations to load and unload cargo.


Beerbaum and ThruSpace Inc. - designer of cargo bays (Anaconda).
Bell and Braben - scientific duo responsible for development of ECM from captured Thargoid technology.
BreamPulse - Robert Bream’s self-designed realspace drive system for the Gecko.


C-Berth - alternative name for docking bay on a station
CC-Voltaire - shield manufacturer (Python)
Chromon-alloy - composite metal used in manufacture of cargo canisters - comes in both high-flux and low-flux.  High-flux is tougher.
Cirag - planet not registered with GalCop - it maintains independent status ‘outwith the Federation’.
Clone world - planet where cloning is commonly used to boost the population.  Teorge is one such world.  Cloning is illegal in GalCop.
ColtMaster - manufacturer of laser systems such as the Starlaser (Anaconda)
Commander City - Common name for the facet of a Coriolis station where the docking port is located.
CorCom Trade System - another name for the Auto Trading system.
Cowell & MgRath - licensed manufacturer and distributor of Cobra Mk III - operate under licence from Faulcon DeLacy.


Dark Wheel, The - underground organisation of Elite pilots, dedicated to the search for the truth behind legends and myths.
Dizaner SpaceWares - manufacturer and designer of cargo management systems (Anaconda).
Duralium - lightweight but strong alloy used in the manufacture of spaceship hulls.
Durassium - one of the metal ores that can be time stressed to produce duralium.


Empire, The - militaristic multi-world body based in Achenar system.  Also referred to as the Duval Empire (after its ruling family) and the Achenar Empire.  GalCop is exiled from this body.
Ergon - manufacturer of lasers (Boa, Fer-de-Lance, Krait, Mamba).  Often misspelled as Ergan.


FacsEnvironment - emergency life support system (probably compressed atmosphere).
Faraway - network of jump point co-ordinates to ensure safe hyperspace transit to a specified destination.  Since the advent of autonavigation intelligence in newer hyperdrives, this network has been retired.
Faraway Systems Systems Controller - (FOSC) Individuals responsible for vessel orientation at a Faraway jump point.
Faulcon DeLacy Spaceways - (includes Faulcon deLacy shipyards) Suppliers and manufacturer of Cobra Mk III and Krait.  Also manufacture the SpinIonic ZX14 (Krait), MV (Sidewinder) and SuperThrust VC10 (Viper) realspace drives.  Based on Inines.  Designed the Sidewinder for the Galactic Navy.
Faulcon Manspace - subsidiary company of Faulcon deLacy - they manufacture the Viper.
Fear glands - the fear glands of some species exude a highly addictive mind-altering drug.  Thargoids have these surgically removed at birth.
Federation Crime Monitoring Authority - ultimate governing body of the law.
Federation Planet Bureau - publisher of the GC Orbit and System Space Code.
FirstFall - major landmass on planet Lave.
Flux-Locking - process by which space ship hulls are strengthened.  The process is used in the manufacture of space-grade duralium.


Gal-tonne - Galactic Tonne.  Standard unit of measurement, based on the metric tonne.
Galactic Co-operative of Worlds - governmental body responsible for the enforcement of law and order on the spaceways it controls.  Currently has 2040 member planets and stretches across eight galaxies.  Often abbreviated to GalCop, GC or GCW
Galactic Emergency Services - body responsible for rendering aid, whether financial, technical or lawful, to the traders and pilots in galactic space.  Common services include grants or loans to pilots starting out or who have lost a ship, legal aid and medical services.
Galactic Federation - galactic organisation with headquarters on Earth in the Sol system.  GalCop is exiled from this body.
Galactic Medical Co-operative - galactic health authority.  A popular shortening of the full title, which is Galactic Co-operative of Worlds Medical Authority.
Galactic Navy - the Space Military force of GalCop.  Currently most of the fleet is engaged in combat actions with the Thargoid race.
GalCop Bank Federation Monitoring Authority - galactic financial establishment.  Responsible for the maintenance of the Credit system and the backbone of the Auto Trading system.
GalCop Federal Law Centres - receive photos of kills where this is processed against combat rating.
GalCop Police Force - the civilian law enforcement arm of the Galactic Co-operative.  Responsible for peace-keeping in system and orbit space.
GalCop Workshops - official manufacturer of navy vessels (Asp).  Based in Ribilebi orbitspace.
GASEC - Galactic Astronautic and Space Exploration Centre. Based on Vetitice.
Gerege Federation Space Works - manufacturer of Boa spacecraft.
Geret - manufacturer of missiles (Adder, Anaconda, Moray).


Hassoni - laser manufacturer - produce the HiRad pulse laser (Anaconda).and Variscan laser system (Cobra 1).  Also co-designed Burst laser system (Asp) for the military with Kruger.
Home Space Authority - (HSA) administrative body responsible for ensuring safe transit through orbital space.
HoloFac - mode of communication.  A three-dimensional holographic image of the caller is displayed.  If the recipient also has a HoloFac device, that 3D image is also broadcast.


IFS - manufacturer of Seek & Hunt homing missiles (Boa & Fer-de-lance)
Ingram - Biggest laser manufacturer. Products include 1928 AZ Beam (Adder), 1919 A4 (Cobra 3 & Gecko), MegaBlast (Viper) and Pulse (Worm) lasers.
InterSpac Heavy Element Dust - ultra fine, volatile substance used in ECM systems.
Iron Ass - trader parlance for a very well equipped and protected ship.
Irrikon ThruSpace drive - hyperdrive for Cobra Mk III


JK - pulse laser manufacturer (Boa).


Kettle’s - medicinal cloned fungal treatment.
Kruger - manufacturer of mining lasers and realspace drives. Also co-designed Burst laser system (Asp) for the military with Hassoni.


Lance & Ferman - manufacturer of 4x4 and Seek & Kill (Cobra III) missile systems and LF90 Military Laser.  Also produce the 2IL-135 missile guidance system.
Light Mach - Unit of measurement of orbitspace velocity.
LM homing missile - unknown make of missile (Gecko).


Machanalian - manufacturer of Interspacial Wayfinder navigation systems (Boa).
Manjooza - alien substance illegal in most systems.
ManOp Console - manual operations console found on the bridge of most space vessels.
Marine Trench Company - manufacturer of Moray spaceship
Mariner - manufacturer of cargo bay extensions.
Marswurt - addictive alien substance, can be used for medicinal purposes.
MedStim - medical system used on most space vessels.
Medusa - manufacturer of energy bombs (the standard type is the Pandora).
Megazon Destruct Force - rating of destructive power of a weapon.
MemnSomn - artificial deadening of senses: used to lessen the disturbing effects of hyperspace travel.
MinReduc - trade name for a type of mining laser.
Mymurth - creature similar to the Earth tortoise.  Can be used to store incubating Tharglets - the larval form of Thargoids.


Narcotics Investigation Department - division of the Galactic Police, responsible for narcotics and drug-related investigations.
Nicotine - addictive narcotic.  Illegal nearly everywhere due to its damaging effect on the bodies of most races.


Onrira Orbital - orbital shipyard where Sidewinder ships and built.
OrbitSpace Authority - controllers of space around space stations and planets.
Outworld Workshops - illicit manufacturer of Adder craft.  Breakaway company from Spalder and Prime Inc.
Owndirt Inc. - manufacturer of recycling systems (Fer-de-Lance).  They are expensive.


Paluberion Sea - Major water body on planet Lave.
Paynou, Prossett and Salem - manufacturer of Cobra Mk I.  Now gone bust after failure of Cobra II
Plastiglass - strong transparent material used for many applications (vessel windows, for example)
Pregg and Whatney - ship manufacturer.  Pregg designed the wingfolding system used by the Adder for atmospheric flight.


Quirium H-fuel - hyperspace fuel (presumably based on hydrogen)
QuQorian Silica - lining material used in laser weapons.
Qutirian SynCognac - alcoholic beverege.


Raddlett and Raeburn Shipyards - distributor and manufacturer of modified Mamba. Based on Reorte.
Randomius Factoria - one of many apocryphal deities commonly believed in by spacefarers.  Also known as The Lady of Fate.
Raxxla - legendary planet, rumoured to be a gateway. Probably located in another galaxy.  A group of Elite combateers may already have found this place, and may be using it for their own nefarious purposes - this is known only to members of the Dark Wheel.
RemCraft - remote controlled vessel.
RemLok Mask - face mask that encloses user in thin protective film to allow survival for a short time in the vacuum of space.
Renold Astrogation - manufacturer of astronavigation systems and scanners (Boa)
Reorte Ship Federation - original manufacturer of Mamba.  Based on Reorte.
ReQax Converters - technology that converts solar gases into useable Quirium fuel.
RimLiner Galactic - manufacturer of Anaconda freighter (Anaconda).
Rohan’s - an alcoholic beverage, closely approximated to honey beer.


Saud-Kruger - original manufacturer of orbital shuttles.  Licences made public for anyone to manufacture.
Seeklight - manufacturer of Thrust (Boa) and HV Thrust (Mamba, Worm) drive systems
Shanaskilk - a creature whose fur is highly prized for its warmth, especially on colder worlds.
South City - common name for the facet opposite the docking port on a Coriolis Station.
Space and Interstellar Pilot’s Exam - exam that must be passed (on Lave) before a person can be a pilot.
Spalder and Starblaze - manufacturer of Sidewinder ships.
Station Space Monitor - space station controllers responsible for the immediate area around a space station.  They are responsible for controlling docking and launching protocol.
SynPleasure relaxapads - recreational tool.
SysCon - common name for System Control, the authority for space flight control in planetary orbit space.
System Space Kruger ‘lightfast’ drive - realspace drive on Cobra Mk III


Tensmaan - (T or Te) measurement of hull stress
Thru-Vis - brand name for manufacturer of x-ray cameras.
Thrumpberry - a very tasty fruit.  It is a popular flavouring for adding to food.
ThruSpace GravDistort - the communications system.
Time Displacement - side-effect of an uncontrolled hyperjump.  Depending on how far the hyperjump is, if a misjump occurs there is a chance of being thrown forward or backward in time.
Tionisla Cemetery Authority - controllers and caretakers of the orbital graveyard.  Based on a Dodo station within the grounds.  They own a fleet of Kraits to patrol the cemetery.
Tionisla Wreckplace - colloquial name for the Tionisla Orbital Cemetery.  The ships of the dead are interred here as memorials to those who died in action
Titronix - manufacturer of Intersun Ionic drive (Fer-de-lance).
Torus Drive - realspace drive booster - accelerated the ships to twice  or three times the normal speeds (named for the Amiga version’s name for the drive).
Trantor House - publishing company.
TS ComDirect - transmit photographs of kills.
Turbulen Quark - manufacturer of Re-charger Mode 1287 drive system (Moray)



V&K - manufacturer of 32.24 Ergmaster drive system (Asp) and 20.20 StarMat realspace drive (Orbit Shuttle).
Volt-Variscan - manufacturer of large pulse lasers (Python)
Voltaire Whiplash - manufacturer of HZ pulsedrive (Asp).


Whatt and Pritney - manufacturer of Python freighter.
WitchSpace - colourful name for hyperspace.


Xeesian - manufacturer of escape capsule systems, most notably the FastJet LSC 7
Xexor/Hikan - manufacturer of hyperdrives and IGH units.



Zieman Energy Deflection Shields - the shield system used by all spaceships.
Zieman - a type of energy measurement.  It relates to the power of shield systems.