This site is an Elite fan site. It is more focused on the technology, the expanded universe and pseudo-science rather than the game itself.


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Welcome to the HoloFac: the gateway to the rest of the Elite universe.  This page will list other Elite sites out there.

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Original Elite and Tributes

One of the best and most feature packed conversions of Elite in existence. Also home to the friendliest board this side of Riedquat!

Kelpie's Elite Page
Leader of The Elite Ring
Site of the nice co-author of Elite
Simon Challands' Acorn Elite pages - one of the best Elite sites out there, and where I got the pictures I used when making the site header...
Elite Memories - a WIP Elite clone
The Player's Guide for Elite, published by Micro User magazine.
A nice site about one of the more feature packed versions of Elite - ArcElite... By Commander Break of the EBBS
Elite Platinum - a WIP clone of Elite with a host of cool features

Loads of statistical information about Elite's 8 galaxies, including comprehensive mapping.  Generated using a tool called TCL and Right On Command Line...

Elite Trade Routes
A pretty look at the best trade routes in Elite

Planet Vetitice
In-depth tourist information about the planet Vetitice.

Just Another Elite Clone
German language clone of Elite - the best graphics i have seen so far for an Elite clone...very different.

Early development of an Elite clone - very nice graphics and effects, and some pretty menus. Very nice planet surface mapping too!

Frontier and Beyond
A database of the journal entries from FFE.
Home of the Elite BBS, as well as lots of Elite, Frontier and FFE stuff. - the Google Group.
Life On The Frontier.
Great source for information about the Amiga version of FE2, including PDFs of the manuals.