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Elite Encounters: The Elite Universe Role Playing Game

Welcome to my second oldest Elite project: the venerable Elite Encounters!

I'm posting the Version 2 ruleset here to be picked over and modified. I do have a Version 3 and a Version 4, the latter of which was designed to be diceless, but it's not that great. Version 3 wasn't playtested much, and there's no character generation process outlined so I'm sticking with V2. The pages in this section represent a playtested system with some small holes and inconsistencies that weren't ironed out before the group split up.

EDIT 3rd Feb 2012: So far I have only posted the Character Generation rules, and in light of the current Kickstarter campaign to create a brand new version, I will not be posting the rest right now.

Enjoy, and remember that feedback is appreciated!
Character Generation Rules